About Us

Looking for a cuppa that klaps … but it’s an aikona!
Because in your cupboard is the crap that your dumbass bought from the shops… and it’s super kak.
You can’t even make a decent moerkoffie from this!
A brown wax crayon in hot water would taste better.

You look in the mirror, “Eina! looking flou, bro, not sure what’s worse, the lacklustre coffee or me?”
Time to get the real sh1t!
Something quality, Something ARABICA-beans-y, Something that understands!

You’ve found the answer, you’ve found LINGO.

Fully from Cape Town
(No panic - available nationwide)

Where has it bean all your life?
Ja, nee, kyk LINGO chucks the sh1t. For you it’s the only kiff oomph, so gourmet coffee from here on in.
You dig?
We talking your lingo?
You like it a latte?
Then support the cause.

Give us a holla so we can kit you out:
Jou Ma Se - 5/10 klaps (strength)
Babelaas - 6/10 klaps (strength)
Chommie - 6/10 klaps (strength)
Befok - 7/10 klaps (strength)
Snot Klap - 8/10 klaps (strength)
Mamparra - 9/10 klaps (strength)
PK - 10/10 klaps (strength)

Life is just about to get seriously lit.

What LINGO is:
LINGO Coffee came about ‘cos our South African culture is hundreds... and we crave real quality, befokte coffee. LINGO coffee only uses a sharp-sharp selection of pure Arabica coffee beans. #issanolie.

LINGO coffee is hand-roasted in South Africa (not for sissies, bru, this takes higher-grade technique).
We don’t use any artificial nonsense… and we don’t use any of the cr@p beans in our coffee to make extra profit.

What LINGO is not:
Pretentious. Kak.





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