Variety Bundle Pack (D) 3 x 250g

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Enjoy this carefully selected variety pack, for those coffee lovers who prefer variety of roasts and who enjoy intensely flavored, high end coffee.
Our Mamparra coffee is made from a selective combination of beans from three different origins.
This is our ultimate premium-grade, dark roast, and full bodied coffee.
Producing an array of flavors that roll onto the tongue with a slightly fruity base and then end on lovely notes of chocolate that linger in the aftertaste.
To avoid looking like a complete mamparra, who can barely make a good cup of java, grab a bag of our Mamparra coffee and get ready to impress.
9/10 Klaps in Strength.
Our Befok coffee is made using a blend of Brazilian and El Salvadorian beans.
A rich and dark well balanced roast, this is a full-bodied coffee that produces intense flavours. 
Starting with a nutty tone and ending on a chocolate aftertaste.
If you are Befok, then you are lekker. Being Befok is both a form of appraisal, and an accurate description of your mood: It would be best for you not to confuse these two. 
7/10 Klaps in Strength.
Our Chommie coffee combines beans from Kenya, Ethiopia and Brazil..
Like three good chommies from different countries getting together to party, This creates a smooth, vibrant coffee with a really good body, subtle winy flavors, complemented by a full, fruity aroma and a lovely Kenyan, earthy, cherry aftertaste.
Everybody needs friends right? Wrong! All you need is coffee. Our Chommie coffee to be exact.
6/10 KLAPS Strength.


Chommie 250g

Befok 250g

Mamparra 250g



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